Thursday, August 02, 2007

Breakout Session 2 - Thom South

Baptist Preachers and Their Sermons – Thom South

Besides all the technical difficulties, it was pretty good. Basically, we heard sermons preached by these men who have paved the way for many of our good preachers today

18th Century
Shubal Stearns – sound judgment and self-taught
Daniel Marshall – helper to Stearns and his ministry ranged from New England to Georgia.

19th Century
J R Graves
John Jasper – a freed slave “this Book is enough for me, and I can’t get far from it”
B H Carroll – of early SBC fame

20th Century
W A Criswell (of Criswell College fame, and the person I associate with Paige Patterson
Billy Graham – distinct voice and “America’s pastor” – simple in context and style to reach more people
S M Lockridge – “He’s My King” preached in Detroit, MI. Sounds much like Fred Luter – same style.

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