Thursday, August 02, 2007

Breakout Session 3 - Primitive Baptists

Brief History of Primitive Baptists

Lasserre Bradley, Jr
Main stream primitive Baptists – rejecting modern conveniences (haha), anti-missionism, original Baptist faith
Mostly it is for those who hold to salvation by grace alone – and yes, they do have bathrooms and air conditioned in their church buildings. I was raised Primitive Baptists, but I am not still in that tradition.
“If you show me what is wrong, then hopefully I’ll do something about it.” – this is what Brother Bradley prayed as he sought out direction from preaching in a SBC church.
The doctrines of grace are also found in the SBC – they are found outside of the Primitive Baptists. The doctrines of grace are found in many other denominations – and it is what I wholeheartedly believe because it is biblical. Grace is biblical – as I’ve been reading Eph 2. It is all mercy and grace. But, I consider myself to be a southern Baptist, not a Primitive Baptist. It can happen! J
They stood against the changes in theology among the SBC who went against the election and sovereignty of God and the total depravity of man. They definitely should have done that. But, that doesn’t mean that all SBCers are that way today. The doctrines of grace are not limited to people who are in the PB denomination.

Controversy of the Absolute Predestination of All Things – Mike Stewart
First introduced in 1832
This brought confusion among Baptists when this word “predestination” was used for both salvation and evil. Was God’s disposition toward holiness and sin the same? By no means! This lead to the split in the early 1900s.

Controversy of the Usage of Musical Instruments in Worship Services - Jamey Tucker
Old liners – many of our churches have them, sound, and only use of instruments in the helping of singing of them. This division should cause a departure. An organ usage is enough to cause division.
Progressive – not an innovation that is significant enough to cause division.
Can you be sound in doctrine and use musical instruments – by all means, yes! On the other hand, can you be obedient to all of Scripture and not use Scriptures – can someone show me how you can be?
I mean seriously – if we are going to debate something – let’s debate something that is of eternal significance.

Growth occurred between 1955-1970s. Most are around 50 in number, but during this time some went up to around 200s. Simplicity of worship and doctrines of grace.
PB as a people both support evangelical works with prayers and giving. There is a great work being done in the Philippines and India, with many other trips worldwide. There is no mission board or headquarters – just ones who go when they feel the impression of the Spirit to go. Family worship and tutelage under the local pastor (instead of seminaries) are the way they do things.

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Stephen Garrett said...

I am also a former Hardshell (pastor) and my father still is at this time.

Where were you a member? Why did you leave? Did you hear all the lecture of Bradley? How can one get a copy?

God bless

Stephen M. Garrett