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Breakout Sessions 1 - Dr. Keith Harper

Possibilities of Missions MovementDr. Keith Harper
(On a personal note: very conversational and real. He knew his stuff – he didn’t quote it from looking down at a paper hardly looking up from the podium. Thanks for getting me in the newspaper and not being boring Dr. Harper! “Not even one minute were you boring!” Dr. Akin would be proud! Thank you for setting the bar!)

Theology and what we believe vs what we’ve done and how we have done it.


Faith and practice come together. It has to.

Pertinent Issues in Building Community
We need to examine missions and their authority. But, how did they do missions – from one changing culture (starting in 1845) to another culture you don’t know anything about on the field. What about family life, courtship, child rearing, conflict resolution, grocery shopping – all these interesting things that happen on the field just like they happen here in America – but just slightly different.
The professionalization of missionaries. This isn’t a vocation but a God-given calling. Missionaries’ lives change as they live among the people. Ecumenism even in a foreign society. They way they do ecumenism impacts the way the local church does ecumenism. The sending of single women as missionaries – you know who you are – are serious about their call. But this also occurred before the 1920s. “Take up the white man’s burden.” They are not being pushed out of one culture – but they are being pulled into another.

Speaking at lunch with Nathan Finn, he said that the IMB helps lots of genealogical researchers (even lay researchers) find information about their family due to these archives. You can go to the Board in Richmond to read some of these letters, journals, and articles from missionaries on the field. Some are online from Lottie Moon, but most are still being transcribed. These will provide for great reading and biographical study.
Taking Christianity to China - Flynt
"Living in the Lives of Men" (Auburn, 1998) - a dissertation that was mentioned
Our Ordered Lives Confessed

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