Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On my own - again

Well, all my stuff is almost in my new apt. I haven't lived by myself about 18 months. Now, I love Erin and my parents...but I do love living by myself.
It is so much better than living in a dorm.
I ate breakfast this morning with real silverware (yes, in a styro bowl just because I can't find mine yet) and in my own dining room.
I cooked dinner for some friends last night and washed the dishes right there and had everything at my fingertips.
I have all my books in the state I live in, but they are all still in boxes because I can't figure out how to put my lone bookshelf together.
I have some "home" things and slept on a full size bed last night with lots of pillows.
I have all my movies here - so excited about that!
Its voice-quiet. Now, there is still plenty of noise as I live on a corner of campus, but no voices! :) That's so great! Can you tell I like my peace and quiet.
Anyway, I love having my own place again - people, you can come visit - I'll take pictures when I get everything put away - which may not be till after the holiday season!

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