Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Thrill of the Chaste

This book has come into my sphere of knowledge in the last month or so. A pastor's wife and friend in NY mentioned it to me. She said it opened her eyes to the reality of what some women live through - the idea that premarital sex is going to be fulfilling.
A fellow blogger and youth ministry person in NC had this book in his library, so I asked if I could borrow it. He said I could, graciously sent it to me, and I've now finished the book.
All in all, I think the book was good. Dawn Eden is a self-described Agnostic Jew who is now a born-again Christian. She is 38 and still single, living in the NY area. This book is real and transparent as to her life before she became a Christian and how God has done a work of grace in her life since her salvation experience.
This book would be a great read for young women who have come from a lifestyle of random sexual partners or serious boyfriends who they are sexually active with. It would be great for them to see someone who has lived it out and is still not satisfied with the results. Happiness doesn't come from that. Happiness and ultimate satisfaction comes from Jesus. He may grace us with a spouse, but He may not as well - all in His sovereignty.
Below are some quotes I thought were good:
"As time passed, however, another, clearer advantage came into view. It was the realization that all the sex I had ever had - in and out of relationships - never brought me any closer to marriage or even being able to sustain a committed relationship."
"By viewing sex as a means to an end rather that the fruit of a loving relationship, I rendered myself incapable of having a loving relationship."
"Active resolution: the determination to never miss an opportunity to experience God's grace, or miss an opportunity to share His grace with others." - (Instead of never getting out in the world or always trying to pursue and date).
I think this book is weak on its theology, though definitely written from a Christian viewpoint. It brings up points of interest, but doesn't complete them - only offers little blips. But, it was in the Christian living section/relationships, not theology.
This book has been relatively hard for me on a personal level: God has shown me some ways I tend to pursue single men, those ways may not be the conventional way, but they are my ways - and with an impure heart - so pursuing isn't right, no matter how you do it. It also has brought me many moments of loneliness. So, I'm glad I'm done reading this book.

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