Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Atheistic Living or Wise Living

Am I an atheist...of course not.
But, would my actions define me as an atheist?
"A fool says in his heart their is no God" - that is from the words of a psalmist.
Do my actions speak louder than my words? Would my actions declare me to be an atheist?
Dean preached a sermon on Sunday night about walking wise - looking at Christ in the book of Proverbs. How often do we live as foolish Christians because of the sin in our lives?
This goes for every sin - even the ones we like to categorize as acceptable sins like Jerry Bridges says in his new book. Every sin is a mockery of the Cross and dims the light on the glory of God.
A pastor in SC put it this way:
If wisdom is the knowing and obeying of the Word of God, then we might conclude that foolishness must be the knowing and disobeying of the Word of God. By that definition, we all qualify as fools much of the time. But I believe the book of Proverbs reveals to us the real difference between a true person of understanding and a fool. What really identifies one
as a fool is not that they take wrong turns and make wrong decisions in life. We all do that. What truly distinguishes a person of understanding from a fool is how they respond to it when confronted or rebuked for their disobedient ways.

May I not only read and listen to the Word of God, but may my actions also convey the fact that I am striving to be wise (with God's grace) and not a fool.

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