Thursday, October 18, 2007

Technology and Ministry

Technology has gotten a bad rap lately - and I want to bring some good back to it. Some are taking a tech sabbath - which I definitely think is a great idea. Some complain that Halo and Playstation are stealing time. Some have complained that bloggers are really lazy and they need to get out and do something instead of sit behind a computer all day and blog. Some say different networking sites are bad and lead to practices of evil.
I don't want to lump all in to either category. But, I want to bring a good note into the discussion.
I use technology to do ministry. I love writing on this blog and my food blog (when I have a kitchen to cook). The food blog started as a way to help my college girls learn how to cook. My blog started out as a way for me to record my devotional thoughts. Since my "girls" are so spread out in FL, NC, SC, and then I have other ministry connections all over the country and world - technology is great.
I started on Facebook about 3 weeks ago. Good gracious - what a blessing that has been. I get to encourage people by reading their profiles and praying for them or offering them Scriptures to read. I get to hear what is going on in ministries around the country and learn how I can pray for them. I stay up with the lives of high school and college girls and know how I can minister to them - even 3 or 4 states away.
I love cell phones and texting. I have a friend who texts us Scripture 3 or 4 days a week. You never know when that particular verse will come in handy that day. I think of the sufficiency of Scripture! :)
What about itunes and podcasts. I love being about to listen to sermons from Josh Harris, David Sims, JD Greear, James MacDonald, Mason Reigger, John Piper, Mark Dever, CJ, all at the push of a button, instead of spending so much time on gas and travel.
So, while I shouldn't waste my time in front of a computer, I should use the means and technology that God has given for HIS GLORY.
As with everything in life - for HIS greater glory!

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