Friday, October 05, 2007

Pastor Appreciation Month #3 - OC

Well, now we are to the latest of the three most influential churches on me. This is the one I'm currently a member of, but have moved - but still have yet to find a church in L-ville. First Baptist Orange City is a growing, thriving church...and these are just a few of their staff...
James Hilton - pastor. It was such a joy for me to serve under his pastoral leadership. I told him long ago when we met at seminary that it would be fun to be in his church - and I'm so glad God gave me that opportunity, even if just for a few months. He loves his family. He loves the Word. He is so compassionate for his people - a true shepherd. He believes in the Sovereignty and Control of God in all things. He believes in me and the gifts that God has graciously given me. I appreciate that about him. He challenges me. I thank you for your friendship and continued prayer and help. (I'm almost done with Owen, will finish today).
Jason Wilson - worship pastor. I don't think I've sat under a worship pastor that has such a love for contemporary worship, theologically sound songs, and culture/philosophy. He is absolutely so smart in this and brings it to the table every Sunday. He is a great teacher. He is talented in leading worship, a rare skill and gift from the Spirit. He is an encourager and loves to read. Jason - thank you for showing me what a great contemporary worship service would look like. It was very refreshing! :)
Jeremy Beeler- Student/College pastor. Thank you. Thank you for believing in me and letting me use my gifts there and ask for my insight and thoughts on things - and counting them as valid. Thank you for loving your wife and children. Thank you for holding your daughter's hand and having that bring a big smile to your face (and her's). Thank you for your passion for church and college students - and the Truth of the word of God. That is also rare in today's churches, and I'm glad God brought you and Elizabeth there to the OC. Thank you for teaching Charlie to cry out with David Crowder songs instead of silly child songs (the words are so much more meaningful). Thank you for your hospitality and graciousness and realness. God is using you mightily on Stetson's campus - be encouraged.

Thanks guys very much. Sorry I was there for such a short time - but look at the impact you guys have had on my life. Thank you for letting me serve with you guys at the OC.

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