Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pastor Appreciation Month #1 - ABC

Ok, I'm going in order here, somewhat of a timeline...
October is Pastor Appreciation month (just in case you weren't aware of it). Usually I try to do something fun for them, but since I'm so far away - I have to do it on here.
First - I will start with Anastasia Baptist. It is in my favorite city in the world, St. Augustine. Two of the pastors there mean a lot to me - so I appreciate them.
Bobby - worship leader and hand in everything else guy. Does Singles ministry, college ministry pastor (so he oversees the actual leaders). He was my "boss" when I was on staff there doing youth ministry back before seminary. Bobby has come to be someone I highly respect and he is more of a big brother to me. He challenges me to think and not just take things for what others say they are. He always pursues new music and brings the latest to the table. He is so gifted at the guitar. He loves his three girls: wife Patty, girls Allie and Anna. He has many talents outside of the church - like growing flowers and fruit in the back yard. Bobby - thank you for believing in the talents and gifts God has graciously given me. Thank you for allowing me to use them. Thanks for offering advice and prayers - even when we may not always see eye to eye. Thanks for introducing me to FoxTrot tea and Arizona Green Tea. You never know when one might show up on your desk.
Mason - youth pastor extraordinaire! He wasn't even there when I was on staff, he came the month I left to go to NC. But, over the past almost 8 years I've come to respect this man of God for sticking to the Word of God even when it wasn't the most popular thing to do. He strives hard to model integrity and holiness for the guys he leads in the youth group - above reproach. He is creative - that is definitely an understatement. Some of the things that God gives him in the way of youth ministry - I would never even have thought of. God has graciously given him so many gifts that he uses for HIS glory. Those are the two things I love most about him - his creativity and his love for the Word. Thank you for respecting my opinion on some things and letting me do some ministry with your girls.

Bobby and Mason - thank you for making a difference in St. Augustine and St. Johns County by being a spiritual lighthouse on Anastasia Island (where do I know that quote from). I pray that God continues to bless you both in every way possible to the richest degree. All for HIS glory. I look forward to seeing you both in February, if not before.

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