Thursday, May 04, 2006

Meaningful Music

Can you tell that music is a big part of my life - I love singing it, reading it, playing it, hearing it, its great! This is some new stuff I just got by one of my fave artists - Watermark. Nathan and Christy Nockels - Jill's "employers" in Nashville - best female artist in Christian music - and has been for a while. He has produced some wonderful stuff. They are great acoustic or rocking out. They sing a lot for Passion - so you may have heard them there. Their new stuff has great theology to it (just like most of their stuff). But, one of the songs I keep playing is Gloria/Friend for Life...
This is slightly out of order (from the original lyrics), but look at these:

Friend for life, Who took my pain, the cleansing flood, You remain, wash over me, till I can't be seen.

Sanctification (hear John 3.30 in there)
Living water swallow me
Deepest river wash me clean,
Jesus Savior more of Thee
Come and ruin me with your love - so no other is enough
Come and leave your mark on me
Jesus, more of Thee

Glorification (this is what will be truth when we are in heaven, without sin to entangle us and call us away)
Gloria - glory in the highest
Forever I will hide myself in Thee
Gloria - glory in excelsis deo, gloria, gloria
Every breath that I breathe - every moment in my history
In effort to praise you, in effort to Praise YOU

So, there is truth in music. It just depends on what music you listen to. This has been very telling of some of the stuff I'm learning now and thinking about. I get motivated to do something or get rid of the sin in my life - then it creaps back in - usually around the time I push snooze in the morning. Jesus - take away - swallow me - the pride, the sin, the self. There is a lot of me, I don't want more of me, I just let me down. I want you - more of you - all of you - to come and purify me. As another song of their's says: "Paint me with your purity, that I'd attract your majesty." And perhaps my fave of their's: Captivate - "Captivate us Lord Jesus, set our eyes on You, devestate us, with your presence falling down - holy fountain consume us with you."

What a prayer

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