Thursday, May 11, 2006

Remedies for a Bad Day

Well, some psychologists would call this blog entry "regression therapy" - and I guess in a way you will learn that about me, but I'm not at all into psychology. high school, I don't really remember what I did when I had a bad day. Probably yell at my parents or something. But I remember trying to be what everyone else thought I should be in high school - so pleasing everyone made for an easy life back then.
College...Flagler (you know the beach has got to play in this somewhere). I did three things in college to remedy a bad day: walk the beach at night by myself for about 2 hours, sit in front of Phyllis' fireplace with a fake log crackling, sipping tea and rocking in a rocking chair. Last, on really bad weeks, I would just get in my car on a Friday night or Saturday morning and drive to Lakeland to do nothing. That 2 hour drive myself with music playing or no noise at all was a great remedy.
Seminary...usually on bad days Sarah and I would go walk from the campus to Flaherty - that usually happened about midnight. I had a room to myself except the first 1 1/2 semesters, so I would just lay on my bed and not answer my door. You can always be really really quiet and no one will bother you - oh how nice that is. Once Sarah left I had to settle for sitting out on the seminary lawn by myself. As long as you are not sitting in ants you are doing pretty good - especially fall or early spring on a warm day when the sun was out.
Now...what am I to do in Durham??? There is no quiet place to walk that is safe. There are no lakes or beaches within walking distance. I like walking UNC but you can't really do that at night by yourself. So...remedies for bad days in Durham...
1. Drive to St. Augustine - when gas prices are down and I have nothing to do that weekend (boy, these are rare days).
2. Sit in the apt (or my room) and have it quiet or play a favorite movie: Sweet Home Alabama, Anne of Green Gables (playing now), Patriot, Italian Job, Count of Monte Cristo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Its a Wonderful Life, Beautiful Mind, Indiana Jones, American President, Catch Me If You Can, You've Got Mail, Just to name a few...
3. The best one I can think of...SIT in the hard spray of a hot shower. Too bad water isn't included in the rent in this apt. Most of the times it helps.
Anyway, I hope you have learned a little bit about me by learning my remedies for bad days. I think the key is not making my brain work and having a little bit of quietness. Going back in life (regression) to a time when all the decisions weren't left up to me and I didn't decide everything. This is another one of those days when I totally believe and LOVE the sovereignty of God!

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