Sunday, May 07, 2006

Family Pics

Ok - I promised some family pictures. Got up around 8 and made some homemade banana pudding. But, we only had one pkg of vanilla pudding so we had to use choc pudding too. It was actually really good everyone said. I made my first real whipped cream and that was real good too - so everyone says. Much better than ff cool whip. Then we gathered everything up and went across the pasture to my grandparents house. This orange tree is in their back yard and had some really good oranges in it for being late in the spring. This is my Aunt Sandy - she is oldest of the four kids. She lives in CA with her husband - they raise dogs.
This is my older brother, Alan, and my Uncle Eddie who is the youngest of the four kids. He plays the piano and had brought his keyboard, so we sang hymns all morning and he was jazzing them up. It was fun.
Not many people outside the south know what a smoker is. This is my papa's smoker. They had been out there since 6a firing it up and making good smoked mullet (its a fish they catch down in Ft. Myers). It was so good. I hadn't had any for a long time. The freezer is now empty so my brother will have to go with him to fish again.

This is Uncle Eddie showing me how to "suck an orange". I know, I should have known this before I am almost 30, but I learned today. Take an orange and cut the top off (I used my Dad's pocket knife). Slice down one time only to the white to get the peel off. Then take the point of the knife and dig in to the orange to extract a little of the juice. Then turn it up, squeeze, and suck at the same time. You are your own straw! That is fresh squeezed OJ - none of this "from concentrate" stuff.

Now, I'm chilling at home, most have left. Alan and Ty are coming up next week, but no more family again for a while Posted by Picasa

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