Wednesday, October 11, 2006

a craving for your renown - only Jesus

Silence - a very hard discipline for me to work on (in grace), but also one that I don't like a lot when God gives it in answer to prayer. This is what OC talks about today. Intimacy with Christ sometimes comes with silence. So, why do I fall away so quickly when He is being silent?

Words for the wind - JP talks about the passage in Job about reproving words. Taking from that - how often do we speak words mades for the wind. Words that aren't true, evident of a passionate life for Jesus. Words that aren't edifcation for those who hear them. Words that don't speak the truth of the WORD. May we speak less, think more, and know our words matter - hopefully our's aren't made for the wind.

Trinity - VofV starts out with a prayer for the Trinity. The author speaks of every part of the trinity. One is not without the other. We wouldn't know of God without Jesus and the Spirit, we wouldn't be able to be with God without the death and resurrection of Jesus and for the Spirit making us aware of our sin. We wouldn't be here at alll without the Father - speaking through the Son to create the world - us, in His image. How often do we downplay one of the triune Godhead. One is not more important than the other - they are all One GOD. All HOLY

Ps 57
v.2 - My God accomplishes all things for me. That is TRUTH. Now, it has to be heard with right hears and a motived heart for the glory of God. God wants to accomplish Jesus in us. He will do what it takes.
v.7 - My heart is steadfast (and he says it twice). How often do I despair, forget, leave behind, run ahead. Steadfast is not one of the words I would use to describe my heart toward God and not to the world. Sometimes I think I am more steadfast to the world than I am to the One who conquered the world. Create in me a steadfast heart o God. Only Jesus - the pearl of greatest price.

Today - dealing with sin at work, getting back in the swing of things with eating, putting aside self and doing things that need to be done - but working on having a non-prideful attitude while doing it. Loving yourself is easy - if we are to love others as ourselves it should be easy too. But, its not. Lord, work that in me as only your Hand can do. Pride - oh, the downfall. Seeking other's praise. The only praise I need to seek or even should CRAVE is God's. His is the only one that matters. The first song I recall hearing tonight - one of the lines is "give me a thirst for your glory". This is not for my glory, but for His - for His name will be praised in all the earth.

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