Sunday, October 22, 2006

Terah's b-day at Maggiano's

Happy Birthday Terah! You are so special to me and I am so thankful for you and that God has blessed me by your friendship. Even when you "fake" blowing out a b-day candle just for me! Thank you!
This next picture is me, Jess (welcome back to NC), Terah, Nicole, and Maggie. I sometimes think I just don't fit in b/c I'm not nearly as stylish as you guys - but oh well. Maybe you can rub off on me before I head back to the good state.
Then the picture is half of the Hohman's - I think there are 8 total - but this is just 4 of them.
Then we have Camden - my biggest fan - I wish he was just 30 years older - oh, well. He is Terah's nephew. His birthday is only 2 days after mine - see we were just meant to be friends!
Terah - many blessings - thanks for letting me share it with you today and for ruining your surprise lunch! :)

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