Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tomlin and the Fair

Well, this will be my last time - at least as a NC resident - going to the NC State Fair. It is the annual fun with fried foods and country music in Raleigh. I love it. Thankfully it was cold for the first night at the fair and free parking b/c there was nothing at Carter Finley that night. Whoohoo.
This wasn't even supposed to be a picture of Terah - but it turned out pretty cool. The next is of the fair food queen herself - Maggie. She loves it. Last year she says she spent 75$ just on fair food and she looks great! :) This is funnel cake - I had one piece - it was yummy. This was us eating roasted corn - the best thing at the fair by far!

Tomlin was better than I thought. I liked his new stuff. I was convicted at the outset at how I judge other worshippers. People clapping or hooting and hollering. What are they doing all that for - Tomlin or God? But, you know - its not my place to know - God knows my heart - that is all I have to worry about - my heart and my standing before God.

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Maggie said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!! and i love these pictures!! i had a great time with you this past weekend, and i will definitely be seeing you soon :) hope you're having a great week! love you!!!!