Tuesday, October 10, 2006

St. Aug wrap up (pictures)

What a perfect weekend. As you can see from these pictures - the weather in St. Aug was beautiful - picture perfect.
We went bike riding all the way around St. Augustine, my girl Devan (in pictures) helped lead worship for the Edge service, my Gators won...it was a blast to watch it with Billy and Phyllis, Jeremy and Katie - and to have little Eden running around! Church was good on Sunday, chilled with Devan and then chilled some more at the Robshaw house. Rode more and climbed this beautiful lighthouse on Monday - my first time doing it.
It was very peaceful to get from my mentors and my friends this weekend. Knowing I'm supposed to be back in FL. Who knows if I'll ever move back to St. Aug, but the food, family, friends, weather, beach, and church sure do make it sound great.
Thank you Jesus for a perfect weekend! :)
These pictures: the new Christian Life Center at Anastasia Baptist Church. The first girl God allowed in my life to disciple - Devan. She is now a student at Flagler, on the college ministry team, and leads worship. Phyllis, Billy, and me in their back yard with the plant behind us. This plant started out as a little potted thing I was given that I gave to them when I moved to a place I didn't have a yard. It now is huge! Then its the lighthouse (sorry you have to look sideways) and then the view looking out north toward Vilano, Ponte Vedra, and the Atlantic! :)

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