Thursday, October 05, 2006

Something to brag about?

Ok - I got this from a Dad (and former boss) at my church - his blog. I just got mad and sorry for them when I read this. Go be appalled (sp?) at it too.
Why in the world would you brag about killing a helpless, defenseless, baby? I just don't get it. I know some women who have had abortions and when they tell me they certainly aren't bragging about it - they are sorry, remorseful, guilt-ridden, if they have sought God's grace and forgiveness - then they are free and forgiven. But, never bragging.
What is our country coming to? When women in our country want to be single mothers, head of Fortune 500 companies, pastors of local churches, work outside the home but still head of the PTA, dress crappy for their husbands but dress up to see the cable guy or the co-worker the cubicle down from them?
I know we live in a sinful world - one dead and dying and going to hell - so let's go, people who are saved by the death of Christ on a tree...raise up, raise up your family to love God, most of all - brag on Jesus - not your sin.

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