Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Best LIVE Sports Day in NC

Saturday was amazing! :) All thanks to Janel Blanchard!

First, I had breakfast with Becky and Cat at my house after we stayed up watching Pride and Prejudice - the real version. That was fun.

Then, I met up with Janel to eat at Boleros in Chapel Hill - a new little Cuban place on Franklin Street. She spent a semester in Cuba so she is the Cuban expert! :) I had red beans and rice with chicken and she had ropa vieja (sp?). We shared some tostones - which RG's were better.

Then the fun started! We drove to University Mall to ride the Tarheel Express to the Dean Dome. Didn't have to sit in traffic or nothing!

Saw Butch Davis (new football coach) as he was going into the game. Introduced to Jim Delany (one of the most influential men in NCAA right now). Then finally got in. From the outside of the actual court the Dean Dome doesn't seem that big - then you get in the court area and it is a see of the 2nd best blue!

What I didn't know going into the game was that they were honoring the 57 and 82 National Championship teams . So, right in front of me and Janel (literally 8 rows, same seat) was Michael Jordan (the best player ever in NBA), James Worthy, Sam Perkins (man walked by me, he's massive - looks more like a football player), Dean Smith. It was incredible. Halftime was great because of the introductions and everything. Then to top it all off UNC won (and got 2/1 biscuits at Bojangles) against an ACC rival - Wake Forest! Anne Graham Lotz was there on the way out. I think that was it of my celebrity sightings!

Then I spent the night watching movies and eating nachos at the Bacons - what a day ender! :)

Janel - you rock! I had so much fun! Thank you for making it special for me! Love you!


Kevin said...

It sounds like the only thing that would have made this day any better would have been a post-game Southern Gospel concert. :)

lani said...

Michael Jordan?? i'm jealous... :)