Monday, February 05, 2007

Colts, Conference, and New Babies

GO COLTS!!! The right kind of coaching does pay off. Now, I'm wondering if the Bucs hated the fact that they fired Dungy!

It is sad though - because now there is no football until August (except the Blue Orange game at UF in April).

The 20/20 conference at SEBTS was great this weekend. Went to an eating disorder session with Dr. Sam Williams and then to the dating/no-dating one with JD. Peter Kreeft is a better writer than he is a speaker, or I just wouldn't have put him first on a Saturday morning. Dr. Nelson was great as always. Speaking TRUTH with all the grace that he has been given throughout his life. The Daylight Donuts were great as well! :)

New babies - my friend Bryan and Debby Pickering had a new baby girl. I love hearing people's beliefs about a Sovereign God come into play when events in life don't go exactly as planned:

We are extremely thankful that God has seenfit to preserve her life; we praise God for carryingus through this very difficult time. We praise Himthat He is always good and that everything He does isright--even when we don't understand or when it hurts. He has been, & continues to be, our strength, ourRock and our refuge.

Here is a picture of little Olivia.
Congrats you guys - I'm praying for you and baby Olivia!

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