Friday, February 23, 2007

a movie

Tonight was the opening night of Amazing Grace - the movie about William Wilberforce's life. My Mom (how I love her) thought it was about the life of John Newton. He was in it - but it wasn't primarily about him.
But...even though I am sick - (I just wanted to chop my throat and ears off during the entire movie) I was able to think through this provocative movie. I hope all of you have the chance to go view it.
Compassion - this is what "wilber" and his buddies had for the slaves, who created in God's image, were not being treated equally with the white folks. They were brutally treated in trade routes to be put to work. Jesus said when he came to earth - I have compassion on them, they are like sheep without a shepherd. Shouldn't that be the same way with us - shouldn't we have compassion on a world who is dying with Jesus?
Change the World or obey and follow Christ? "Humbly we say we can do both" - Early they hinted that the choice had to be one or the other. But, as the movie went on - you could see that it had to be both. That is why I like people like JD Greear and Brad O'Brien - who, serving their church and college students - challenge them to not only be pastors and college leaders and missionaries - but also to fight a world who is lost and dying and going to hell in Congress, in Hollywood, in MTV, and ESPN, in the "Boston Public" worlds. We need people there just as much as we need people in the uttermost parts of the world and our local churches. I met a girl this past weekend who said her mission field was hollywood. She read people to pray for these people and get an in road to share the gospel - those are the types of people we need (and the Melissa's, the Parkers, and the Dixons and Sarahs).
"I wish I had your faith" - When William Pitt they dying - he said this to Wilber. I do not know the relationship with Christ that the PM had, but his faith was faltering at this moment. I wonder what the last moment of WW's life was like? "The opposite of faith is sight" was a quote from the BS from this past snowquest. I really like that quote? Where is my faith when the going gets tough or I can't see what is beyond the next bend in the road (or in I-95)? Where is my faith in a sovereign God when I don't get the things I pray for and I have to lean on Ps 84.11 and remember that "no good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly."

Maybe when I am healthy again and my head quits pounding (or my generic tylenol kicks in) - I will be able to think some more about this movie - but "twas grace, that brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home."

Go see the movie if you haven't - bring a non-Christian friend with you.

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