Friday, February 09, 2007

Household Question

I posed a question a couple weeks ago to married women on my email list. I actually got an overwhelming response. Thank you for those who responded. These women range from 22-60s. They have no kids, some kids, old kids, young kids (like Dr. Suess). Some have been married for less than a year, some over 30 years. Some work full time, some don't work at all, some work part time.
The question: is there anything that you must have done in your house before you go to bed at night (or you can't sleep)?
Some said random things, but the most frequent answer I got was the kitchen needed to be clean and house tidied. That meant the dishes in the dishwasher, not in the sink. Hopefully the dishwasher running (so they'd be clean in the morning).
Why? This helped their days to run smoother, the days to be less hectic, they would be available to show hospitality to people on a moments notice (especially when you are in ministry).
One good hint was to have a box or basket in your living room that kept all the clutter - then just go through the box every now and then and clean it out. Another - clean out the dishwasher first thing in the morning so you can fill it during day. And, limit your time cleaning - set a clock if you need to or do it during advertisements. Be intentional about clutter (or the lack thereof)
But, the sealer was: your family takes priority. If your husband is ready to go to bed - don't worry about the kitchen - go to bed with your husband. As one pastor's wife said, "a kitchen can wait, cultivating a Godly sound marriage can't."
Thanks ladies! :)

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you were given some very sound advice!