Monday, February 12, 2007

Last Sunday at the Summit

Well, yesterday was my last day at the Summit. It was a bittersweet moment. The last 3+ years at a great church have been both wonderful and painful for me.
Got a parking spot driving a great vehicle that was loaned to me by the best family at the Summit - to me - the Bacons. I enjoyed a night at their house complete with a bonfire, good movie, great nachos, and kids.
Walked in and talked to three beautiful and amazing women of God. No pictures b/c my computer is down - sorry ladies. Julie Forrest - who is a beautiful soon to be mommy (she hopes any day). MG - another soon to be mommy for the first time - but she has more months to go. Vern - a mommy of 2 and looking great as ever. They were talking about maternity styles of which I have no experience! :)
Then went and saw Miss Kelly Pope - a friend from way back at the beginning - now we are both too busy and run in different circles - but I will see her tonight and am thankful for that opportunity!
Talked briefly to the soon to be married Mr. Jason Douglas. I won't get to talk to him at the wedding, but I wish him and Leslie the best in their marriage! Go Floridians!
Sat with Kristin after seeing some of my college girls.
The worship was great, a mixture of hymsn and praise songs. We sang Fairer - which hit me right where I needed - which led to confession and a reconciliation of sorts for which I am thankful! We all need to remember that Jesus if fairer than anything He can offer or that He has created.
Then JD preached a great sermon on Jacob - he's in a series! :) The beginning of which was great to me - because it was just what I needed to hear. Going in depth and pulling out the interesting things of the Word - you know it had to be written by a Perfect Author!
The closing video was one advertising for The Institute - the summer college program at the Summit. It includes missions, interning in ministries at the church, and seminary classes. I was able to go to SE Asia last summer and they went to EA this past summer. This year is another place in the world. It is a great program for college students - to see beyond themselves. Looking around and remembering the things I have done with these college students and what they have done for me - is what I'll take away from the Summit - the most. I love the relationships I have made.
May my community be sweet in FL like the one I have here. Praising God now that I will move around Disney and the beaches so people will visit me!
I love the Summit as a community and a place of worshippers (more and better as Gaynor would say). Praying God's direction and blessings on all of you. May you keep HIM first in all endeavors. Thanks for letting me be a part for 3 years!


j.greear said...


You will definitely be missed. You have been an example of a godly woman to our college girls, and for that i am grateful. Your influence and "shepherding" of them will be sorely missed. Though you are not that much older than they are, you are an example of "older, more mature Christians" giving themselves to discipling the young. One of the dreams of our church is various generations respecting and influencing one another, and you have demonstrated that.

i am thankful for the myriad ways you have supported and encouraged me, and loved on "my" church and "my" people. Veronica and I will bless you. May God bless you and continue to cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace.

j.greear said...

p.s. thanks for noting my wife in this post. She is definitely hot, way hot nowadays. and, considering she's had a couple of kids, downright spectacular.