Monday, December 24, 2007

Books, Books and More Books

When I moved into the apt here I just wanted to get the boxes out of my living room - so I just through my books onto bookshelves in no particular order. Today - since I had some time (smelling citrus bread in the bread maker) - I organized my books. Now I can find them. I have a resource section, Piper and Lewis have their own sections (surprise). I have one for women, Christian Living, Missions and evangelism, fiction, Literature, church, family and home, theology, youth, culture/apologetics - and I think that is it.
As I was going through them I came across some that I hadn't read in a while. So, I wanted to create a Top 10 list of sorts. These are ones that I have read and completed - ones that have definitely made a serious impact in my walk with God. I'm thankful to these authors - how God has used them in my life.
Some of you will be surprised by these (not all are Piper, shock, I know!)

These are really in no particular order except that they all made the list:
1. Feminine Appeal - Carolyn Mahaney. I've read this one three times and it has given me much insight into marriage and how to counsel women who are married - and how I want to be married.
2. Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God - Noel Piper. Best book on amazing women and how God used them to change their worlds!
3. Swans are Not Silent Series - John Piper. Ok - so far there are 4 in this series, the best of which is number 2 - Hidden Smile of God. Amazing biographies (which is my fave type of book outside of cookbooks).
4. Humility - CJ Mahaney. If I could even have an ounce of the humility of this guy. He was on campus a week ago. One of my co-workers said, he opened the door for me. That is the type of simple humility this guy has!
5. Cost of Discipleship - Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I read this in college - and it totally changed my view of following Jesus back then. I'm so thankful that I had to read it. I still use many of his quotes.
6. Shadow of the Almighty and Through Gates of Splendor - Elisabeth Elliot. I put these two together because one is much a part of the other. The story of Jim, his journals (book in themselves) have deepened my faith and the love of Jesus and been used to convict me mightily of the inadequacies of my own personal walk with Jesus.
7. Pursuit of Holiness - Jerry Bridges. He is quickly becoming one of my fave authors. Such convicting books. I'm reading Trusting God right now and want to get Respectable Sins, one of his newest.
8. Mortification of Sin - John Owen. This book probably was the hardest to read because it was so convicting - the Word is so powerful and he used much of it. But, warning. I'll tell you what my pastor told me when I finished it - go read a book on grace. That is what we all need - GRACE!
9. My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Piccoult. Duke made their incoming freshman last year read this and discuss it on orientation day. I picked it up. I cried, yelled, was frustrated - all these emotions. But, this book - probably more than any other - gave me an insight into many cultural thoughts and questions that we as Christians need an answer for. How are you engaging the world on these levels?
10. Valley of Vision - Multiple. This is a book of prayers written by Puritans. I use it as a supplement to my personal worship. I have shared with many of my girls as several people read it before me and shared it with me. Be prepared to be convicted on how light we view sin.
Enjoy them - if you have any thoughts on them, I'd love to hear them! Keep reading! Make it a discipline - I definitely know I need to read more! But, never forsake the perfect Book - the BIBLE!

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