Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Hospitality of Jesus

I heard a song this morning while sitting in my living room that made me think of this. The blood of Christ welcomes me as a friend. Right now is Jenn Pappalardo's fave song, Friend of God. I am a friend of God - you call me friend. What a concept.
But then I started thinking about it. Often times we will let friends into our homes or we will call people to us who are like us or can offer us something in return. We couldn't offer anything to Christ - we were enemy's of God - backs turned toward Him in sin.
Yet - He came to earth. This time of year we celebrate the incarnation of Jesus - Him coming to earth as a little baby.
Now, with his blood we can be friends of God. The price for us: as the book of John says: You are my friend if you obey my commands. One of those commands is to be hospitable to others.
I've learned a lot about hospitality from others. My friend Lindsay is always reading a book on hospitality - I think she and Elizabeth have it down.
Hospitality isn't about making sure your house is clean or cooking the best food and presenting it the best or anything like that. It is comforting the people who walk into your house - offering them grace. Bringing warmth into their lives by them being in your home. I can say that for every time I walk into some people's homes.
May we be hospitable to others all because Jesus called us friends.

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