Thursday, January 18, 2007

BCS Dilemna

If you read the title of the blog and had to ask what BCS means - just skip it. But, if it interests anyone - wanna comment? I've read enough on the subject, pre-, mid-, and post-season. Believe me, I was all for the choice of the BCS title game b/c it featured my Gators. Not really because I thought they would really beat OSU (like they did), but only because UM already had their chance, and we needed to have one., what do you do - will they make changes? They better, but what will they be?
NCAA has the Final Four - that would be great, but we'd be playing football up until the NCAA Final Four (AKA March Madness). The +1 game - that doesn't really work either. Here is the only solution to the problem - IMHO (and I don't claim to know a lot)
Have a conference championship for each conference. Then - by computer ranking (based on toughness of schedule) - pick the two best teams and have a BCS Title game. The rest can play in the other 30 something bowl games (good gracious there are a lot). The best football conferences are usually the SEC (by far), Big Ten, Pac10, Big12, ACC (sometimes).
Any takers?

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