Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Family and Mothering

This has been an interesting week in the thought process of this blog entry. Let me state a disclaimer: this is MOSTLY opinion, so take it as my opinion - one which you can disagree with and not to be condemned by. Hear my heart on this:

This weekend I spent time with a family with 3 kids. I am not ready to have 3 kids - I don't even know about one. Hopefully that will change when/IF I get married...I'm glad I don't want kids now because that would just add to my dissatisfaction in this current life stage...anyway. She is a stay at home mom. Many of the mothers I know are stay at home Moms - and I see such a difference in their kids. I was raised by a stay at home Mom and I think I turned out ok.

Last week I received a magazine from a major medical research corporation. Many of the top execs or speakers were women. I'm glad God has gifted them in area of knowledge and medicine. That is great. But, I wonder out of those women in the magazine - how many had successful marriages and healthy families? I'm not saying all stay at home moms' have this down pat. These women have obviously put so much time and energy into their work outside of the home, that I wonder how much time and energy they have left for their families (if they have any). A friend of mine in ministry wrote this about his wife..."Our home has been very orderly. "My wife" has done a wonderful job of keeping things clean and the girls on a schedule. It makes a big difference as ministry can be stressful, stressful! "

Then I read an article by a fave SE prof of mine, David Nelson, about his family and the "vocatio" of family. His was a slightly different take then mine, but still showing the importance of family. I am realizing the importance of family as I leave NC and return to Lakeland next month to begin working for my Dad. Family was definitely a perk to the move.

I'm definitely not one of those women who say "women can't work outside the home". I don't believe the Bible says that. But, what I do know the Bible says, is that a women (if married) has her chief focus her husband, home, and children (if so blessed with them). I think this applies to both ministry jobs and secular jobs. So often we get so wrapped up in ministry as women that our families fall by the wayside. It isn't just with secular jobs.

That is what I hope to be able to offer to my husband (one day maybe).

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