Monday, January 22, 2007

Big Game and "People of the Day"

Well - it was a half good day yesterday.
I don't know what happened to the Saints, maybe it was the snow. Bears didn't play all that well - it was just the Saints played horrible.
Then - it was the good game...Colts/Pats. What a game - lived up to its hype. Now, if you turned it off at half time like Scott Smith did - then you missed the half the Colts decided to play. I moved to the floor to watch the last 4 minutes b/c I knew it would be good. Then, after the game, during the presentation, both Jim Irsay and Tony Dungy gave credit to the Lord for blessing them and the team. Amazing isn't it!
So...people of the day:

Jim Irsay - owner of the Colts
Tony Dungy - was done wrong in TB but done right at the Colts and always outspoken about Jesus!
Sean and Dana Cordell - pastor and wife in Raleigh - a church plant in innercity Raleigh reaching people other churches might not - all of God's glory! And taking a stand against abortion from the pulpit and not afraid of the offense is people take - standing for TRUTH on this anniversary of Roe v Wade. If you need to see something on abortion - go to and watch the YouTube video.

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