Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ode to Unselfish Mothers

This is really for all the new mothers I know out there (or pregnant ones): Davia, Christina, Angela, MG, Tonya, Tab, and probably others I'm forgetting. I just wanted to share some things that I've seen happen in the last few weeks and months of acts of unselfishness. This is really why God has seen fit not to make me a mother yet, because I'm so selfish...
- all the changes your body goes through when you are pregnant and how hard you have to work at it to get it back
- losing sleep so you can get to the pediatrician early on a Sunday morning during the 2 hours they are open.
- changing your eating habits, like not really wanting to drink coffee when you are pregnant
- throwing crazy b-day parties - like Superheroes
- taking longer to get in and out of the car - especially when it is raining
- cleaning out your kitchen pantry so your only daughter can move back home
- giving up peace and quiet except for that rare moment when all your kids are asleep - than all you want to do it take a nap
- all this while keeping your husband as your top priority (outside of Jesus).

Craziness. I thank you for all the stuff you are all teaching me

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Tabitha said...

Girl, God is teaching all of us - at least I know he's working within me! I often wonder why in the world he gave me three kids because my time and my space are very, very precious to me. I wasn't born with any patience and, I'm telling you, I just KNOW that he gave me three kids just so that he could teach me what it's all about - every day is a new lesson for me! It's amazing - the things you learn once you have kids. I never knew how selfish I am or how hurtful I can be... but children really bring that stuff to the surface and it's a daily battle to stay within God's boundaries and relax in the Spirit.

It's encouraging to see you recognizing these things and realizing that God is grooming all of us to become more like Him - no matter what stage of life or what circumstance we are in.

You are going to make a terrific mom one day! I just know it! Come back and see us again soon - my kids thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and I did as well. I especially enjoyed watching that game! ;)

Love ya girlie!