Monday, July 09, 2007


I really don't even know if that is a word - but if not, I'll make it one today.
I continued in my reading of Ps 119 this morning. What a great verse to meditate on this morning. I've also been reminded recently (thanks Bobby) of the painstaking truth found in Rom 7 - of being purchased by Christ but living in the flesh. Its a battle.
Ps 119.25 says
"My soul clings to the dust, give me life according to your Word."
These are short and easy to memorize and take with you during the day.

Soul in here actually meant the seat of the appetites. The things that I desire are most of the time fleshly. I need you Jesus to come and dismantle my appetites for things of this world and start making me desire things of you - clinging to your word, putting you first (as you are the preeminence - as Col 1 said and James MacDonald reminded me of this morning).

Clinginess in people has never really been a favorite character trait of mine. There were some youth I worked with a few years back that were like this. I guess I'm just more independent and want others to be like that too. But, I want to be clingy - not as in the first part of this verse - where I'm clinging to useless things of the world - gripping them so tightly - fisted around them. No, I want to be clingy to the Word of God - to portray His life to a world that is living in and dead in their sins.

That is where the grace of God comes in through the cross. Even though we were once held in bondage to our sins - we are now free to live in Christ. What a great thought. I don't have to be chained to the dust - it has no power over me - Christ has power over me - and I choose to cling to Him.

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