Monday, July 23, 2007

peaks, rapids, and boards

This past week I spent time on top of Ft. Mountain in N. Ga at a youth camp with the kids from Anastasia (I'm not in the picture b/c I was taking it - it was taken at a rest area somewhere in GA I think, maybe Floriday - it was at least before midnight). It was gorgeous - actually this scenic picture was taken from my balcony - it was very nice.

The youth interns impressed me the most this week. Yes - they are still teenagers - but they have been poured into for the past 12 months hard - they helped and mostly lead church group devo time and they were also leaders in their teams at the camp. Other teenagers looked up to them and saw their leadership. These guys are the leaders in a year or two on their college campuses (or in the army or in missions, etc) - that excites me as one who works with college kids.

On Friday we went white water rafting down the Ocoee in TN. It was great fun. Julie and I were in the front of out boat - and this being my 3rd time rafting - I only fell out once. It was near the end of the ride and we took a 4 rapid sideways, Julie slipped my way and then we both went out backwards and under - man it felt great and was a rush of energy! "Dry Boy" - brandon elder got to sit back and chill - no really, he did get wet, but not as much! I loved it. It was also very cool to be among (in a crevasse) of God's creation and be able to look up and see mtns and trees - God did it!

Getting home really early on Sat morning - I still got to get good sleep and then enjoyed the day with the Crums. Patty, Anna, and I rode down with some boards and I went boogie boarding for the first time. If you really catch the wave just right - it is such a rush - its amazing. Then Patty and I went back out later to enjoy bike riding and chilling on the beach - then did some "wave jumping". It was such a relaxing and feeling like a child day. We sang some great songs that night at church - Made Me Glad being my fave (Thanks Bobby) and then got a great lightning storm which I love watching.

Sunday was church and college group in OC. Worship was amazing yesterday with some new hillsong stuff that Jason got in there and some new passion stuff. Good hard core lyrics - opened wide in the back loving worship. (I had gotten used to the freedom in worship we had at camp singing Dancing Generation all week).

Anyway...what a great week. Looking forward to this week as well as I head to NC whoohoo!

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