Monday, July 30, 2007

Friends in NC

It was so amazing (and tiring) to be in NC this weekend. I have totally missed it (the scenery) and the people there.

Got up there Wed after a long drive and hung out with Kasey, Frank, and Katelyn. We went to youth group where Frank talked about wise speech from 2 Tim (he is actually doing expository preaching to youth group on Wed night - unheard of!) Way to go Frank! We had some amazing fresh shrimp (caught by an adult vol in his youth group) and parm pork chops - thanks for your hospitality!

Thursday was appointments (thank goodness for chiropractors and hair experts!), breakfast with a very pregnant and glowing Mrs. Gaynor, and then hanging out with Rach and Matt and some new seminary friends eating a delicious dinner and ice cream that Rach made and playing badmitton. Rach took all the pictures and she has yet to send them to me, so when I get them I'll put them on here.

Friday was seminary hanging out day and rehearsal and bridal luncheon. Steph's family was great in putting up some of us and they have a gorgeous house - but more importantly - her family (including steph) excels at hospitality and kindness. Thank you Chiullis! I ran by the Greear's to get ready for the dinner. Allie actually talked - it was so cool to hear her voice and of course to see Kharis as well!

Saturday was hair and the wedding. The wedding was great, went off without a hitch, JD did a great job preaching the gospel - even at a wedding. The reception was wonderful although quite warm and by that time my feet were killing me.

Sunday was church (preached by Pastor Furtick of Elevation Church from Charlotte). Got to worship with my old roomie - thanks for getting up early Erin! Then a long drive with a stop off in Columbia to see friends. That was a fun and much needed break.

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