Wednesday, October 29, 2008

27 Dresses

I've been housesitting this week so I have access to movies that aren't mine (I love people with great movie collections). I hadn't seen this movie, had heard some good things about it, and wanted to check it out.
But, I also learned from Bruce at Southeastern to always watch movies with a critical eye - looking for the worldviews in it and how it differs from God's worldview that He gives us in Scripture. So, I sat down in the lazyboy with my steno pad and pen - and pressed play.
This is what got on paper:
- weddings are more important than marriage
- woman minister in one of the weddings she was in - this denies a complementarian viewpoint and you could also see that in some of the relationships in the movie and random comments.
- Competition and sex is what it boils down to
- They mocked 1 Cor 13
- Kevin (Malcolm) actually had the divorce rate correct - which is also sad.
- True - marriage isn't always easy
- The girly notion of number 1 and longingly looking at the wedding annc page in the newspaper
- Guys - its all about getting laid
- Women try too hard to win the guy's hearts (and again, we are back to the complementarian thing about men leading in relationships)
- Relationships are built on lies (however, this comes to light before the wedding takes place - one redeeming quality, although not in the way she does it)
- Wallow in self-pity
- "rebound" dating - using the other guy
- Love is all sentiment - love is an action and choice
- Getting drunk always helps, and dancing on bar tops, which understandably leads to sex (hint of sarcasm)
- "Last legal form of slavery" - what happened to the marriage for the glory of God?
- Destroying someone else doesn't make you feel better
- It isn't always better being someone else
- Girls take lead in commitment (again, complementarian is completely wrecked).
I hope this inspires you to think more about the movies you watch. I love chick flicks with the best of them. But, I know they are so not a picture of the real world. I read once that chick flicks are female porn. Maybe not porn for guys (sexual) but porn for women - we want the sweep you off your feet, bring me roses, call me right away, talk to me for hours, drop dead gorgeous guy who buys me things - and watching chick flicks makes us want that - instead of maybe what we do have - or what God has planned for us.
Do I still watch chick flicks - yes, but now I watch them with an eye for what is false and hope to pick out something redeeming in them.

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