Sunday, October 05, 2008

Travels in KY - Natural Bridge State Park

Love signs in KY - point you right to where you need to go. On the other side of Winchester is the Mountain Pkwy - 30 miles to Natural Bridge. Red River Gorge had some wildfires that were filling the entire area with smoke (looked like fog). But Natural Bridge State Park was fully functioning. Got a great idea on which trails I wanted to go - a little over 5 all together - and 2.5 hours. The first 100 ft are straight up, then you bend, hop, climb, dip, raise your hands, turn side ways - all this to get to the top. Well marked trails. Pretty climb and great view. It was pretty busy up top but not that busy on the trail - so most people pay to ride the SkyLift (like Stone Mtn). But, I think half the fun (and burning calories and taking care of my body) comes in the hike. I took the Rock Garden trail back down and it was more steep then the way up and mostly rock. Not fun - but it got me down in time to grab some dinner and make it back for church. I'd go again - it was worth it, and under 2 hours to the ville.

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Brandi said...

These pics are gorgeous! Beatiful day/weather for hiking. How did you like it? Did you go through Fat Man's Squeeze?