Monday, October 27, 2008

Jesus is So Much Better

Ah - the things I think about. Sometimes I just write what I'm learning at church or in my quiet times. This is one of those times. Not a deep critical thinking thought or a well-researched idea - or one that is highly controversial - just the goodness of God still talking to his daughter.
Yesterday was a good day at Crossing and a convicting day at Crossing. That is what happens when you hear the Word being preached, and are forced to constantly examine your life in light of the gospel. I love taking communion every Sunday and pray that it will never become "habit" for me.
I try to prepare for church before I go. Sounding all spiritual to myself and my reasonings, I do it just before I leave - but really its because other things are more important (running errands, cooking, football). So convicted of that as I sat down with Hab 2 before church yesterday. So, in repenting of that, I get the joy of spending time on Sundays with God - first thing - so that is my focus on Sundays and not just having most of the day free to do what I want.
Then, realizing that there will always be people who are better than me at everything. I am not going to be best at anything I do. There will always be better greeters, singers, cookers, bakers, thinkers, talkers, dressers. People who are prettier than me, skinnier than me, lose weight faster than me, exercise harder then me, etc. The list believe me could go on.
But why do I strive to be the best at those things - and why does it make me so discontent when I realize that I'm not the best. Because I put my worth in those things. I put the value of who I am in those things. That is not where my value lies. Should I strive to do good in all things - yes. The Word clearly says to do all to the glory of God. But, my worth is not based in what I do. My worth is based in 2 things: I am a daughter of the King created in His image and the blood of Jesus was spilt for me.
Thinking also today about dreams. We all do have them - hopefully. Goals, dreams, whatever you want to call them. Should we pursue those - yes - as long as they are God-given dream to enable us to give more glory to Him. But, if they are for our own gratification and glory - then we need to rethink those - and put those under the authority of God's Word.
And in all of that - from yesterday's sermon and service, to today's blog world - I know that Jesus is so much better than anything I could be, the best dessert I could make, the best voice I could have, being the skinniest or prettiest, have a great marriage or the most well-behaved kids. Better than having the best job in the world - the one I've always wanted. Better than speaking to the largest women's gatherings every weekend. Better than having the cute little house that I can decorate and a big kitchen so I can bless people with cooking. Better than having the most incredible ministry in the area. JESUS IS SO MUCH BIGGER (and BETTER)!
And how do we know that if the things we want are taking over Jesus' #1 spot - because we want those things more than we want the companionship of Jesus.
Two verses on being satisfied from the Psalms:
Ps 81.16 - "But he would feed you with the finest of the wheat, and with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” Honey doesn't come from a rock. Wheat takes work. Even in the hard times of God's discipline or our times when we think nothing is like the way we dreamed our life to be - GOD WILL SATISFY!
Ps 90.14 - I learned this verse a few years back from John Piper - "Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days". This is the Thing to rejoice in!
May this encourage you today - that even in times where you may not have everything you dreamed of, or you realize that other people are better at you at certain things, or at times when you have everything you dreamed of - JESUS IS SO MUCH BETTER!

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Alvie L. Davidson CG said...

Good comments. I know from experience that I as a natural human being can always strive to be the best at anything I attempt but I also realize that I cannot attain perfection. I will never use any personal condemnation simply because I have not attained perfection. Self-condemnation can be personally destructive and harmful to me.
I just do the best I can and rely on God's grace to stand behind me and keep me moving in the right direction.
Focusing on that which is most important can help one to attain higher goals.
Just my two cents worth..for what it is worth.