Sunday, October 05, 2008

Travels in KY - Pinnacles (near Berea)

I have gone to the small town of Berea several times since my friends Felicity and Kevin live there. This time, we finally hiked the Pinnacles. There are 2 hills (mtns for Floridians, speed bumps for mtn people). But, East Pinnacle is almost a mile up (4900 ft) and I don't know about West Pinnacle. It was very dry - but still very pretty. Coming down from the West Pinnacle it was pretty steep so I thought I would go down part of it on my backside - got a bruise on my arm to prove it. Dusty, thirsty (already drank one bottle of water), but the views were well worth that 2 hour walk! Thanks Felicity for the walking companion and then Papaleno's for dinner.

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