Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Advent 2008.3: Contrasts

Piper talks in this chapter about Jesus being both Lion and Lamb. Two sentences really stuck out to me - then we'll see how it relates to the other book...
"His sovereign dominion over the world was clothes with a spirit of obedience and submission." (35). So, when Christ came to earth as a little baby - He was still King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He was still the Lion of Judah and the Lamb that was Slain. All of this is His eternal nature. But - he also put on obedience and submission in a form that we could understand it. He had to be obedient not only to His Father (God) but also to His earthly parents: Mary and Joseph. He had to be submissive to the governing earthly authorities. He gave up His divine nature to be God with skin on (more on that later).
"This glorious conjunction shines all the brighter because it corresponds perfectly with our personal weariness and our longing for greatness." (37) Today, I was so glad to have the grace of Jesus. That grace was displayed in other people who have authority in my life. That grace was lavished on me by friends and people who care about me. But, there are also days when I need discipline in my life and need a word of correction. I like those days too actually - because I know the love of Jesus in that. I am grateful to have both sides of my Jesus - my companion, my warrior, my faithful High Priest, and the Answer to my every prayer. All these beautiful contrasts! I love the complexities of Jesus.
The other book talked about skin. How our skin is and what it does for us. Jesus put skin on - as Younger Lifers say "be Jesus with skin on." Well, Jesus was God with skin on. He came to show us the glory of the Father - and what did we do - we rejected the light. We cast Him out. We crucified Him. We rebelled against Him. And yet - He is still close with us, as close as skin - even closer. He is in us in the form of the Holy Spirit.
I am thankful for all the ways of Jesus and that He loves me and wants to be near me - because I am his.

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