Monday, December 01, 2008

Sojourn: Glory Be

Well, here it is...the favorite Christmas song this season. I know, I usually pick one or two new ones that I really like. This is it for this season (so far)... We sang it last night at Sojourn and even though I had heard it on the Advent CD, it is so much better in person:

Glory Be
It was the longest night, the world was waiting
Eager for the light, the world was waiting
O come, come Messiah
Sing for joy, all the earth, Messiah's come to set you free!
Join the angels in their song
Glory Be Glory Be
It was the longest night, my heart was waiting
Hallelujah, the Lord of life has come
To reconcile the nations to their God
Hallelujah, he's coming back again
To finish was began at Bethlehem
O Come, Come Messiah

Now what you don't get in the lyrics is the harmonies, melody, high notes, repitions, etc that make this song amazing.
What I like about this song: originality, scope of lyrics (not just about Christmas), freedom found in Christ, completion of salvation, joy that is brought to the whole world, our missions focus of Christmas (and not presents and food and Santa). The focus on the return and expectancy of Jesus.
Good stuff! You can find it at iTunes or

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