Monday, March 30, 2009

Chicago and Spring Snow

I left work early on Friday to head to Chicago to hang out with a friend of mine, Janel. She just moved to the city this month and its closer than going to CH to visit her.
Traffic was a mess. Getting out of the ville, heading into Indy (because of the Sweet 16 games), then about 40 miles still inside Indiana there was construction that backed us up for 8 miles (and I so had to go to the bathroom) - good thing there was a rest area right when the traffic cleared. I had good sermons to listen to - Daniel Montgomery from Sojourn. Here are the two points I wrote down while I was either driving or stuck in traffic:
1. My functionality flows out of who I am. I am not what I do. I am who God has made me to be - and He paid my ransom - I am free.
2. The spies going into the land of Canaan (in Numbers) were not going in there to see if they could take the land...they were going in there to give a report. God had already promised the land to them. We need to hear every report in light of the promises of God.
So - I finally got to Chicago with the help of my Dad on the phone helping me find where I was going - then there was no parking, so Janel hopped in the car and we ended up at Charlie's to watch the game.
Saturday - we went to Wheaton - enjoyed the CS Lewis museum - totally convicting me that I need to read more of this great man's imagination (and Chesterton and Tolkien). Then the Wheaton Bookstore where I got The Practice of Godliness by Jerry Bridges for 7$. Then we went to the popcorn store and then to Mai Tai Cafe for lunch. Trader Joe's proved also beneficial for us.
Schaumburg taught me a lesson in looking at prices and weight before buying something that is non-returnable and we went shopping and to Caribou for some hot chocolate (skim with whipped cream) - so good since it was very windy and rainy and cold up there.
Drove back and stopped by Whole Foods to get some coho salmon for dinner. We had dinner in while watching bball and then capped the night off with some Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility - such a great movie. I like it better each time I watch it.
Sunday morning woke up to about 4 inches of snow. Walked around the corner to John's Place for some breakfast - then I headed out and Janel went to church.
It was a great wknd - good food, good shopping, great talking with one of my girls.

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