Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Missionaries, Ministry, and Football

Today I have the incredible pleasure of listening to one of my heroes talk about his life after football. Yes, Danny Wuerffel, Heisman Trophy winner, record breaker, husband, father, National Champion...is here to speak about Desire Street Ministries - an inner city ministry founded in New Orleans.
He is one person that knows there is more to life than football. He played in the NFL, made tons of money, has many trophies - many records are still held by him at Florida - but God had put a higher mark on his head than just a football player with lots of money.
I saw him play quite a number of times when he played for Florida. Loved him then, love him now. He spoke at an FCA event at Florda after he graduated. Sat on the same row as him. I used to think this really mattered. But, it doesn't. There is more than his signature and a picture (although I will still try to get both today after lunch). He is more my hero because he lived out his faith (not perfectly, but faithfully) at Florida, in the NFL, in the locker rooms, and in his home.
A friend sat next to me today in chapel. She asked me if that was a missionary. I said, "No, its Danny Wuerffel." How wrong I was - yes, it is Danny Wuerffel - but yes, he is a missionary.
Speaking of other missionaries. My brother and sister in law were commissioned at their church in Central Florida this weekend. They leave the day after Easter to spend 6 months in Ghuana. I will miss them. They will be over in Africa or Switzerland (to learn French) for at least 4 years. I am so excited for them. They will be loving on Africans in the name of Jesus. Pray that the opportunity comes available for me to go to Switzerland to see them in 2010. That would be amazing.

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