Monday, March 02, 2009

Reading and Discipline

Reading. Books.
How often do you read? I love to read.
Sometimes I do it more than others. There will be periods in my life when I read 1-2 books a week. I can sit and read for hours.
There are other times when I read a page of a really good book and want to put it down.
Its called Discipline. Right now I lack it in this particular area.
So...something much change. I gotta spend less time watching tv and more time reading.
Currently - I am reading Inklings by Melanie Jeschke before bed every night. This is probably my 4th time reading it.
I'm getting some new bookshelves so that is primarily what is prompting this. Also, I am cataloguing all of my boss's books - so that gives me eyes on books I haven't read yet. are some books that I will be reading here shortly:
Inklings and the rest of the Inklings series will be my bed time reading (light fiction with good stuff)
a Generous Orthodoxy - Brian McLaren
Esther - Chuck Swindoll
Marriage to a Difficult Man - about Sarah Edwards
A Fruitful Life - Jerry Bridges

That may be it for right now. Just gotta read more.
What are you reading right now?

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Charity said...

I love the Inklings series--reading them always makes me want to go to Oxford. Currently I am in the middle of 4 books (I think?) which is way too many... I am definitely scaling back in the future. :)