Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thoughts on Discipline

I tend to think about things that I struggle with. Most people do - I guess some sort of block it out so they don't have to think about ways they fail - but not me.
If I never think about it - I'll never get better at it. So...
Discipline is usually talked about in Scripture as a type of rebuke, exhortation, or reshaping by God in us for His glory. I've been experiencing some of that - but that is not what I am referring to.
As spring comes, things are new - flowers budding, dogwood trees in their white fluffiness - I want some things in my life to start taking shape as well. I'm not the best when it comes to home management and life management. So, I would love some thoughts from blog world:
1. Weekly home management (cleaning, money, menu, cooking)
2. Time schedule - on a weekly basis. I realize I waste too much time on a normal basis - everywhere.
3. Reading and time in the Word and the practicing of other Spiritual Disciplines
4. Practicing of hospitality
5. Being "in the world" in order to build relationships with non-Christians (because I happen to disagree with Brian McLaren when he says that we don't have to tell others there way of no Jesus is wrong). Anyway, I digress...
6. Exercising and eating right - yes, I do need help in this area to be more disciplined.

So, I would love thoughts. This is what the Body is for - right?

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Shana Stringer said...

Girl I could give you lots of ideas of things we do in our household. We have no choice but to be disciplined if all things are to flourish. And God has just gifted me to be geared that way. I am super organized which I think is key to all. Just a few things or this would be incredibly long.

I meal plan each week, which you do most of the time. That is probably the biggest part of running my household. That encompasses a few different areas:
1) money - then I only get at the grocery store what I need, less trips to eat out too because it is all planned.
2) schedule - my meal plan I actually write out by hand and post on the refrigerator, o the meal plan is also any event that happens that week on that corresponding day, usually for us it effects what meals we have that day.

We talk about this a little more in depth if you like at small group.

Quick tips on budgeting: no matter how much you have coming in, always track what is going out. I have a simple spreadsheet in Excel I use.

In general: I have found over the years when I write things down and have a plan, it takes the stress away from it all as well. Which no stress = happier/longer life.

Exercise/Spiritual commitments: start out small, don't plan to climb Mount Everest first. Start out with 2 days a week of exercise or 1 depending on you. Quiet time, start out with 5 minutes a day. Then build up. You'll always be succeeding so you'll always be motivated to do better. Obviously there are rewards/blessing that come with both, they will most likely entice you to upgrade your level.

Ok seriously, this needs to be briefer. We can talk details if you like later.