Saturday, March 22, 2008

My thoughts this Easter and Some fave Easter songs

This is the thought that has been on my mind this Easter weekend: How is my life different than that of the disciples and other people who lived on the first Easter weekend. On Friday, witnessing the death of Jesus, and than what...nothing. They had to live Saturday not knowing that Sunday was coming. That would have been the worst Saturday ever. They didn't have March Madness to make a difference. Their friend had died. He had been murdered. What was going to happen next?
See, I, as a believer in the Risen Jesus, have no reason to despair. I live my life in response to a Sunday morning. That weekend took all of God's wrath from me, made me justified and cleansed forever, providing my entrance into the Throne room of God. I don't have to live like Jesus is still in the grave. He's not!
These are some of the songs I've been listening to...
O What A Savior - I think I like it because that is what is claims - we have such a Savior - and let me tell you Ernie Haase can sing it! I like the Cathedrals, Deep in the Heart of Texas version
Another song on that same CD I love it
Plan of Salvation: I want to thank Jesus... The cross had to happen - the wrath of God had to put on someone. He was humbled to his Father's own will (oh may I be that way too, no matter what the cost). The Garden was such a lonely and foreboding place...knowing what was coming. So many times I thank Jesus for other things - but how often (besides Easter) do I thank him for the cross? May that thought never leave my mind - may I preach the gospel to myself everyday - before I awake, throughout my day, persevere in that thought that the One who was the Action of Creation died on a splintery cross for me.
He Lives - Lakewood Church - I remember singing this at the Summit - best song we ever did I think. Jesus' walking on water didn't save me - His death on the cross and resurrection saved me. He lives, conquered the grave, covered our sin, death couldn't hold the promise within (1 Cor 15). Hosanna to crucify - how praising and cursing come out of the same lips. The only line I disagree with in this song is "everyone knows in three days he rose, with power forever to redeem you and me." Everyone doesn't know - that's what is lacking in the gospel (as Bruce Ashford said one time in a missions sermon). If everyone knew it then we wouldn't need to tell others because they would already know. May we never think that everyone (even in the Bible belt) has heard of this precious news!
My Redeemer Lives - Hillsong - I first sung this at Anastasia - one of my fave Hillsong songs. My shame he's taken away, my pain is healed in his name. I believe (Lord, help my unbelief). I'll raise a banner - my Lord has conquered the grave.
The Old Rugged Cross - I used to play it in Plant City Primitive Baptist Church in middle school. This is sung by Bart Millard. It is an emblem of suffering and shame and we wear it around our necks and tattoo it on our bodies - hang it on our walls - do we have it backwards somehow. My trophies are nothing. How can I cling if I am holding on to my sin and pride so tightly? Phil 2 is highlighted in this song to - the humility and exaltation of Jesus.
Beautiful Scandalous Night - Bebo and Sixpence - Be thirsty no more. We are wrecked by the fall. Tragic tree. Atoned by His blood. Justified.
There are many others - but those are it for right now...

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