Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things to do in the City! - Updated

Well, when I mention the "city" - I'm of course only talking about New York City. Isn't every city built off this one? I'm slightly kidding.
I've been 3 times and have loved every trip (really twice, then once a little north of the city). My first trip was right after 911 - a group of students went to minister to people and talk to them - it was an amazing time of ministry in Time Square. The second trip was also an amazing ministry time as I went with about 15 college kids from the summit to Staten Island and then we went to the city for day. Loved it! :) I really liked Staten Island - there was actually grass! The third trip was to White Plains to help out a church plant up there. Got to meet several ladies from the church and go apple picking. White Plains is a great little town, not too far from the City.
So, Rach, Sarah and I have been talking about going again one day in the near future (whenever money will allow, so that will be never). So, I've been thinking what I want to do:
1. John's Pizzeria in the Square - we went there with the Summit - fantastic atmostphere and pizza.
2. Wicked or Jersey Boys on Broadway
3. This little place for tea: - its in Brooklyn.
4. Go to Ann Taylor Loft and Sephora!
5. Walk through or around or on Central Park
6. Go to some parks in White Plains
7. Find that little cheesecake place again by the place the kids saw Rent in Times Square and eat some plain cheesecake. amazing stuff!
8. Walk and shop and look and walk and just enjoy being in the city!
9. Go to Ground Zero
10. Go to the statue of liberty - I've never been to it - just seen it from the Ferry
11. Go to the Empire State Building
(Things I forgot in first post)
12. Attend a prayer meeting at Brooklyn Tab
13. Go to a service at Redeemer Pres (where Tim Keller is the pastor)
14. Do something to help out both church plants I know while I am there - The Gallery Church in Soho and CTKC in White Plains.

The City is easily in my top three places to go: along with Richmond and DC. Man, I miss living on the East Coast!

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