Friday, March 21, 2008

Things that make me smile

Sometimes, its the little things that make me smile.
I smile when I see a real elderly man shuffling along the street.
I smile when I see kids - especially my friends' little Annie - she is 9 months old and about the most adorable creature I have ever seen.
I smile when something I bake or cook pleases someone else. Or when I send a card or package to someone and they receive it well! :)
I smile when my phone rings and its someone I want to talk to.
I smile when I get emails from people I want to talk to.
Lately - squirrels have made it to the "things that make me smile" list. I saw one hopping along a fence post down the street and then he hopped to a tree and scurried up it.
I smile at the beach.
I smile at thunderstorms.
I smile at tulips.
This post was inspired by 22 words (Abraham Piper's new blog) and his thoughts on squirrels

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