Friday, March 21, 2008

Recent Reading

I change my books often - so today marked a day for some change in the currently reading section.
Life in Christ - I figured this to be my "meaty" book - John Stott is a heavier author to read, but I don't think this is one of his heavier ones. This is one of my sale table books - 3$ for a book is my kind of deal.
Feminine Appeal - I love this book and read it over and over. It is a good reminder of many things and I learn something new each time I read it. Carolyn Mahaney is very practical and Grace-centered in her writing.
A Woman After God's Own Heart - This is my fave E. George book so I thought I would pick it up again for daily simple reminders of the driving thing of living in grace - living under the cross. I want to press in and know God - be like David.
These Strange Ashes - I started this book by Elisabeth Elliot a while back in the fall but put it down - thought I would pick it up again.
Through Gates of Splendor - I love this book. It is my fave biographical book of a missionary. You can see Jim Elliot through this book and also through his journals. There is no difference between the private and the public Jim. He was younger than I am when God chose to bring him into His presence. But, what a life lived! My friend Janel has recently lost two young friends (and the whole of UNC's campus) - but she makes a good case for living well on her blog. Whenever I feel stagnant in life or that something else bigger is coming - I like to think of Jim Elliot. So grateful for his life of service, passion, and example.
The Treasure Principle - We all need to question and evaluate what we do with our money, time, and talents. This book is a good source. While I don't necessarily agree with everything in it - it reminds me of a movie and a grace gift one time - Pay it Forward. This principle was graciously brought to my attention a few years ago - now I own and love the movie.

Be reading!

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