Monday, March 03, 2008


Yes, it has hit! This weekend was really good but really long!

Friday my plane got in a few minutes early, but sitting at the airport for about 2 hours (because my wonderful ride took me before she had to be at work) was long. Starbucks to the rescue! There were two dance/cheerleading squads - so much for a quiet trip! Oh, well.

Lunch with James and Shana and their growing kids was great. To hear such wonderful things about FBC OC (link on right) and how the church is growing both numerically and spiritually was so cool. And - of course eating at Sonny's - which some people claim isn't "real" bbq... hmmmm. I'll take Sonnys!

Then, headed up to St. Augustine - oh, the beautiful city that it is. Got to hang out with the office staff some at ABC (link to right), then see my girl interns whom I love! Then the rest of the DNOW participants got there. We did skits - Chase's rocked!

The sessions and scavenger hunt over the weekend were good. I love the Palmers! Ella (girl in picture up there) has phenomenal parents who love to treat us very well! Thank you!

We won the Lego wall so we got to ride in an excursion limo on Sunday morning - gloating over the fact to the other teams (all in good fun!). Church - we sang Worth is the Lamb, took the Lord's Supper, and heard a great girl sing (on ABC's www). She can sing and play! So cool. It was great to see parents I hadn't seen in so long, talk with people who are such key players in my life, and just be loved on.

Then I got to sit outside in the ABC parking lot for 90 minutes in the beautiful sunshine - about 75 slight breeze not a cloud in the sky. Then got some fresh produce from the Crum Farm. Thank you!

Drove down to OC to hang out with the Beelers and the college life group. It was like I hadn't left - I love talking and hanging out with the Beelers - life, vision for ministry and Stetson, playing with Charlie (Piper-wannabe and future singer in the DCB band) and Annie (who loves to eat dirt?...). I really miss them - thank you guys!

Then the end of the evening came for me at 10:40 - I was out real fast in their comfortable guest bed which is one of my favorite in the world). 3:30 came early - 430 was actual get up time. Enjoyed my breakfast, car ride, and conversation with a great girl from OC. The airport at Orlando was packed. But, God was good - by the time we got through everything (along with half the cheerleading team from Friday who won this weekend in Orlando) we were able to walk right onto the plane. I slept some with the iPod in. Then had some Moe's for lunch before coming into work.

My brain wasn't quite functioning for work.

So, when is it too early to go to bed? 6:15pm sound ok? No, I have to unpack, clean some, put up the strawberries I hulled, and just breathe!

But, I love St. Augustine and Orange City...they are very dear to me! So, its been such a good weekend.

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