Saturday, March 08, 2008

Winter Wonderland in March

Well, last weekend I was in 75 degree weather with clear blue skies and a slight breeze. This weekend, its 8 inches of snow and about 30. The joys of living in the slight north!

I am having to be productive in the house this weekend, but I did go outside and enjoy a jaunt around campus after it finally quit snowing. It snowed from Friday 7a till 4p and then picked up again at 8p and snowed hard till 12p today. This has been the most snow I've seen (other than skiing) since Jan 2000 in the blizzard in NC. 2 feet there!

So, here are some picks. I have two favorites: the little girl who was trying to climb the hill in the Valley of Decision (named due to so many marriage proposals that happen on the bridge) and then the one with the tree and the sun shining through the clouds. Dave, my neighbor, is being the man of his household and shoveling snow off his car! I tried to build a snowman, it was great snowman snow. But, my hands were so cold so by the time I got three balls put together and tried to pick them up - it didn't look like much, so I kicked it over. Oh, well.

Enjoy the pics! :)

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