Monday, April 09, 2007

Cyclical Easter Weekend

This weekend was extra long for me and I loved every minute of it - seriously!

Thursday morning, way before the crack of dawn, I headed out (unfortunately without my wallet, so I had to wait at the gas station - I'm glad my Dad wakes up early).

Thursday I spent the day with the youth of Anastasia at an Aids Apt Complex Ministry type thing. First though, we spent some time in prayer and quiet time at ABC. Then we paired up and went to Wal-Mart to pick out prizes for the bingo game we played. These were supposed to be things to go in their apartments. Summer and I (pictured) picked out a really cool vase and these funky shaped glass things to go in it - then we got matching candles. Unfortunately, the two colors that matched and that Wal-Mart had were FSU colors, what? they didn't have orange candles...Anyway...then we went to Wonder of Truth in St. Aug to pick out some Christian gifts (something with a verse on it), music, and t-shirts for the residents. We also were given Bibles to give out by the store (Lene' and I had just talked earlier in our quiet times about the provision of God). We also picked out Easter cards to give to the residents.

We got there and split up, some played Bingo, some of us went outside to talk to the residents and some of us went door to door. Reminded me much of Doulos in seminary. It was cool for me to go out with these high schoolers - but here is the neat part. My group got to pray with one person (we didn't even know his name) and the rest either weren't home, were in the bath tub (why do you answer the door), or weren't interested in talking with us. These guys were genuinely disappointed in not getting to share the gospel. Mason's group went outside and God just brought the people to them. They were Holy Spirit magnets. I pray with faith that the conversions were genuine and that the Spirit would lead other ministries there to help disciple these that professed Jesus. Back in bingo - the prizes were definitely a hit, but also were these students (again - 8-12th graders) were sitting, chilling out, giving up a day of their spring break - to hang out with Aids patients. Selfless - don't you think? Later in Cafe 11 with Regina and Jenna - I asked them if these people would have been receptive in Anastasia? They welcomed us with open arms and wanted to talk to us and hang out with us and play bingo with us. But - would these Aids patients (some you could outwardly tell) - be welcome in most of our SBC churches? Do we have compassion on them? Jesus had compassion on people - like sheep without a shepherd. Do we? We are just like them - sinners saved by grace.

Thursday night was Cafe 11 and hanging out with Eden and Eli (Jeremy and Katie Robshaw's kids). It was also Fusion - where it was a night of worship in view of Easter. Melanie and Devan led (they are in these pictures too). I also met knew college students and old high school students that I knew who God has called into missions - how exciting is that? I can't wait to hear more of what God is doing in their lives and missions.

Friday was a doctors appt where I got cool new glasses. Then I had lunch with this little boy and his parents who are friends of mine from our college days at Flagler. It was fun. Then I had to go do work at the Jax library.

Then Devan invited me over to her house where we decorated Easter eggs and ate really good chicken tetrazzini and publix snickerdoodle cookies! yummy! But, decorating the eggs was so much fun! Ella and i had told each other the night before at Fusion what color Easter egg we would be - I would be pale green and she would be blue (see, I still remember)

Saturday was breakfast with Kathy, then shopping for candles, walking with Phyllis through the state park, Starbucks with Melanie, and then going to Johnny Carino's with Phyllis and Billy for dinner. I love just talking to them, gaining wisdom about life, and laughing at food stories! :)

Sunday morning started early, but it was Easter (praise God). So, when I had some time, I read the 4 resurrection accounts. After all of them - the response (and command) was to go and TELL. That is what I meant by cyclical Easter in the title. We started the weekend telling people about Jesus and His death and resurrection (Mason lead in communion with the group at the Horizon House). This is something that gives us LIFE - the death and burial and resurrection of JESUS! All for GOD'S GLORY!.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with hanging out with the Crums - literally all day - 1o hours - I didn't intend for that to happen. But, we ate with John and Leslie (Happy Birthday John), then watched the Masters (go Z Johnson giving props to Jesus), hid Easter eggs for Allie and Anna, played Wii bowling (and lost both times) to Bobby and Patty got me hooked on Sudoku - I couldn't leave until I finished one, then I ended up doing 2 more. With their help of course. I enjoyed my Easter with the Crums - thanks!

Well, that was my weekend - I love being home - and that is what St. Aug is for me - I love it. Community is so important. Ministry is crucial. Friendship and good eats - both in one. Thank you Father for this special place and these special people!

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