Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Woodpeckers and Hope

Today's lakeland outing was at Lake Morton. Lake Morton holds some good memories for me. It was the first time I was on tv. They did a kids morning program in front of house by the lake. They picked different kids and for some reason I got picked. Probably knew someone at the Ledger or something. It didn't make me an American Idol. But...

It also is shore to the Lakeland Public Library. That is a swan next to the sign. They did this charity thing where they painted all these swans. I didn't see many live swans out today by the lake. It is a crime to hit these swans. They definitely have the right away. A few years back a frat stunt was to kill a swan and chop of its head - the student was arrested and the frat placed on probation. Guess they learned their lesson.

It also has Mr. Fish. This place has been around forever. They have great fried fish sandwiches - really the only thing we get there.

Well...enough about Lakeland. I was out there to return a library book, go to the Proud Gator store since the Gators won the game last night. As I sat there under a big oak tree, a thought about this woodpecker I kept hearing. I thought man, he jsut does what he was created to do - nothing else. Why don't I do that? I'm created to hope and glory in my God. In His Son. Why do I make daily choices to not live that way? My hope is not in this world or the lack of joy that I find - it is in my Redeemer. And that is all.

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