Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Testimony Tuesday

Bloggers were challenged last week by Tim Challies to use their blog as an edification/evangelistic tool by putting their "story" on their blog. Reading about ways that God has changed the lives of friends makes a difference in your own life.

Grace - one word to describe my life.
I was born into a Christian home, both my parents went to church and took us to church every Sunday. Went to a Christian school where we learned Bible verses and stories every day along with our ABCs. I don't remember much about the questions I asked or anything, but I prayed to receive Christ as my Savior in kindergarten and was baptized later that year.
Things finish out elementary school as any other normal kid.
Middle school I was going to summer Bible camps and seeing how some of my other friends who are older and Christians live their lives. But, I was still living my own life at home and a difference one at church and school. Most of my teachers would rave about how much of a "Christian" young lady I was - but I was stubborn and disobedient at home.
In 10th grade I switched churches to one that had an active youth group. I learned how to have quiet times, got to go on mission trips. In high school I was also on a touring worship group that went to different churches. I learned a lot about ministry and personal time with God during high school.
Chose a private college but majored in Religion and Philosophy. I had trouble figuring out what I believed vs what I had always been taught. This was the first time in my life that someone wasn't force feeding me Bible and making me go to church. God's grace in my life in college took form in a lady named Phyllis (mostly). She sought me out my freshman year in a local church and mentored me, and still does today. She taught me about prayer, devotions, Bible memorization, how to love one's husband, do ministry, love her children, etc. Most of my personal growth came through hard ministry time, discerning correct theology (through the Spirit), great ministry time, trying times in family and friends, but through it all - GRACE.
God called me into ministry in my freshman year of college, and I chose to go to Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. So, crying all the way to NC from FL (leaving everything and everyone I knew), I went to Seminary. I learned more there and grew in leadership skills, passion for reading and writing, and ministry.
Today, even though I'm not in ministry full time, God has used the college girls that I have worked with to shape me in many ways. College was a time a growth and mentorship for me, and I want to offer that to other college girls.
Note on grace: It was freely given to me - the faith to believe in grace is a free gift to me - from a sovereign - all in control God - who sent Jesus - perfect and blameless - to earth to die on a cross for God's glory. He paid the full price. He chose me to be in a relationship with Him. I struggle with the future, walking in the Spirit daily, patience, and other things. But, God's grace is sufficient and I will continue to grow in faith and walking in the Spirit every day until I see Christ face to face.


Rosesandtea said...

Thanks for sharing your testimony today.

Rosesandtea said...

Thanks for coming by earlier, Kim. I wonder if I actually left you the right page to get to the testimony? It's at http://rosesandteax2.blogdrive.com

It is different from my regular rosesandtea blog - I couldn't think of a fancy name so I just put in "x2" for my blog that features more spiritual or intellectual things...

Anyway, it has been great to read so many people's testimonies. Truly the Lord is good.